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Bachelor of Rural Studies



If your heart lies in Indian villages and you want to do much more than just go as a tourist and click pictures, this course is for you. The course gives you an opportunity to engage in various rural and community development activities. It covers topics like animal husbandry, forestry, farm management, child development, agriculture, environment management, community development, etc.

After completing the course you can apply for jobs at various government, public and private organizations that work for rural issues. You can also get an opportunity to work with several NGOs.

‘The soul of India lives in its villages,’ said Mahatma Gandhi. If you believe that you belong more to rural India than the urban India, this is a course for you. It aims to prepare graduates to play multiple roles in the development of a rural and regional community.

Subjects Covered :

Animal Husbandry and Dairy science
Horticulture and Forestry
Farm Management & Planning
Plant Breeding
Agricultural Chemistry
Clothing and textile
Diet therapy
Child development
Food microbiology
Principles of economics

Eligibility :

A 10+2 in Science

Career prospect :

Though a post-graduation will better equip you for a job, a BRD can work for the following:
Private sector organizations that deal with rural issues
Public service organizations for local agriculturalists
Government agencies
Rural development

Where to apply?

Some colleges in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh offer the course. Bhavnagar University in Gujarat offers Bachelor and Masters in Rural Studies.

For more details: Bachelor and Masters in Rural Studies

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