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Bihpuria College


Bihpuria College

Bihpuria College is an Arts and Commerce College located at the town of Bihpuria, in the district of Lakhimpur in Assam. It is a semi-urban area with a large concentration of tribal population. The local people established the College in 1973 with the mission of producing at least ‘one graduate from each family with a competitive edge’. The College is affiliated to Dibrugarh University and enjoys deficit grant from the Government of Assam. It has been recognised by the UGC in November 1990 under sections 2f and 12B of the UGC Act.

Bihpuria College is a co-educational institution, offering the three-year degree programme of study in arts and commerce streams. It is affiliated to Dibrugarh University. The College also runs higher secondary classes under Assam Higher Secondary Education Council. There is no provision for granting autonomy to undergraduate colleges in the Dibrugarh University Act and as such, the College cannot apply for autonomy.

Address: Bihpuria College, Bihpuria, Assam 784161
Phone: 03752 263 284



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