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Ceramic Engineering


Ceramic Engineering

Ceramic Engineering is the technology of manufacturing and usage of ceramic materials. Many engineering applications help from ceramics characteristics as a material. The characteristics of ceramics have garnered attention from engineers across the world, including those in the fields: Electrical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and many others. Highly regarded for being resistant to heat, ceramics can be used for many demanding tasks that other materials like Metal and Polymers can’t.

Ceramics, in addition to being a fine art, also requires a thorough working knowledge of certain materials. Whether we need to design a new office building, or a vase for our bedroom, we need a ceramic engineer. Someone has to figure out our creative designs into a reality and here walks in the engineer. A ceramicist joins ceramics and engineering and helps us to create new and more interesting works with new materials, which we cant, even dream of.

The multibillion-dollar ceramic industry converts processed materials and raw materials taken directly from the earth (clay, sand, etc.) into such useful products as spark plugs, glass, electronic components, nuclear materials, abrasives, rocket components, and even tableware. High-temperature processing is the key to ceramic engineering, and the products are always inorganic, nonmetallic solids.

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