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Coronary heart diseaseOsteoporosisAllergy



Coronary heart diseaseOsteoporosisAllergy

Osteoporosis is an age dependent disorder with loss of the normal density of bone.
The bones become fragile and are easily fractured. Bones that are affected by
osteoporosis can fracture with only a minor fall or injury. Elderly men and women
are most susceptible because of hormonal changes which occur with advancing age.

(i) The persons suffering from osteoporosis may not know about their condition
for a long time, because osteoporosis doesn’t cause clear cut symptoms and
one may not realise till a bone fracture.
(ii) The symptoms of osteoporosis are related to the location of the fractures.
(iii) Fractures of the spine can cause severe ‘band like’ pain that radiates around
from the back to the side of the body. Repeated spine fractures can cause
chronic lower back pain, as well as curving of the spine, which gives the
individual a hunched-back appearance.
(iv) Some patients with osteoporosis develop stress fractures of the feet while
walking or stepping off. Hip fractures typically occur as a result of a fall.With
osteoporosis, hip fractures can occur upon even minor accidents. Hip fractures
may take a very long time to heal because of poor bone quality.
(i) Patients suffering from osteoporosis are generally treated with vitamin D and
calcium supplements. In addition they are advised bed rest so that the
condition does not worsen.
(ii) Changes to lifestyle and diet are also recommended. The patients are advised
to take calcium either via dietary means or via supplements in the form of
tablets. Since body absorbs about 500 mg calcium at a given time, the calcium
intake should be spread throughout the day.
(iii) Exercise also helps to protect persons from the risk of getting osteoporosis.
However, it is important to do exercises for osteoporosis under the guidance
of a professional physiotherapist.

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