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Corporate Law offers Ample Career Options in India



Corporate Law offers some of the best options while it comes to career choices. The following post explores corporate law as a career option in India.

Corporate law (also “company” or “corporations” law) is the study of how shareholders, directors, employees, creditors, and other stakeholders such as consumers, the community and the environment interact with one another. Corporate law is a part of a broader companies law (or law of business associations).

Corporate law applies to several aspects of a business, including employment, finance, contracts and real estate. Both basic and advanced corporate law courses may be taken as part of a business degree program.

Gone are those days when the profession of a lawyer was thought to be spent by appearing at courtrooms and debating over any issue. Over the years, the profession has underwent a lot many changes and thus new fields like corporate law and others are opening up and offering lots of options in careers and professions for young individuals.

What is Corporate Law?

In general corporate law refers to the study of how shareholders, employees, directors, creditors and also consumers, community as well as the environment interact with each other. Corporate law is essentially a part of the larger Companies law. Under the Corporate Law, all organizations have a separate legal identity with liabilities to its stakeholders.

Corporate Law is related to commercial law and contract, and deals with the functioning and operations of an organization. As a corporate lawyer you would ideally work for corporates and companies; you would be representing their entities of all kinds. These include corporations, associations, joint ventures, sole proprietorship and even partnerships.

What does a Corporate Lawyer Do?

If you have an inclination towards problem solving especially pertaining to business dealings—then corporate law is definitely the best option for you. The work field of a corporate lawyer is to assert the legality of business transactions. A corporate lawyer gives hi valuable advice to clients on various issues related to their needs. He or she has to be extremely well-versed in bankruptcy, contract laws, tax laws, securities laws, intellectual property rights and all other related fields.

Skills Required by a Corporate Lawyer

Needless to say that apart from an educational degree, a corporate lawyer is bound to possess certain skill sets that would help him in tasting success. He should be well versed about the various laws that have been issued by a multiple government institutes and all other government departments; latest knowledge on rules and regulations about business, company litigations are very much important and required for a corporate lawyer. India has several options in the domain of corporate law. As an aspiring corporate lawyer, you can be employed in a lot of top-notch organizations. Law-firms, partnership firms are some of the best options in this segment. While some youngsters opt out from working in partnership firms – nonetheless these are good options for professionals of corporate laws.

Top Law Colleges in India offer specializations in corporate law. All major colleges in this field offer degree in corporate law. Some of the top law colleges in India comprise the following:

Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, Delhi: One of the oldest law colleges, the Faculty of Law at Delhi University offers degrees, diplomas and certificates in Corporate Law.

Nalsar Law University, Hyderabad:Just like Delhi University, the Nalsar Law University also offers degree and diplomas in corporate law. Students have to appear for an entrance test.

National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata:One of the well-known law colleges in the country, NUJS’s course on corporate law is a promising one. Admission is conducted through an entrance test. This institute also offers all variations—degree, diploma and certificates on corporate law.

National Law School of India University, Bangalore:Another well-known university, the National Law School of India University is one of the best institutes to pursue a course in corporate law.

Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law (RJNUL) Patiala: Another renowned institute, Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law offers degree/diplomas in corporate law.

Corporate law can be a good option for those who are interested in a growing career of business and law.

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