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D.H.S.K Law College

LawyersLaw.org is a law information portal established in 2012. Through this law web portal, we aims to provide reliable information on various laws of India along with day-to-day legal issues and news. LawyersLaw is an innovator and pioneer in promoting clarifications and updates for public. Lawyerslaw covers a wide range of sessions like Legal News, Indian Law reviews, Legal articles, Law book reviews, Law FAQs, Case Comments/Case Briefs, Law Events, Law School Information and more to meet the user’s need. Usually legislation involves so many complicated sections, subsections and clause; for common people it is difficult to understand the true essence and its judicial interpretation. Lawyerslaw made a humble attempt to simplifies it for you without loosing its true intention and meaning. We also provide legal information and services for legal representative, industries, and individuals online. We collect reports from several government sections and groups, and make certain that all information we present here is correct to the best of our knowledge.

Address: K.C. Gogoi Path, Dibrugarh, Assam 786001
Phone:0373 232 4105

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