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Echoing Experience at Nathu La Pass


Echoing Experience at Nathu La Pass

The name of the pass translates to “listening ears.” The trek on the Nathu La pass gives an invigorating feeling to every person. You are treated to the views that remain ingrained in your memory for a lifetime, and you get to spot some beautiful lakes on the way.
Best time to visit: You should plan your visit during the summers, when the temperatures are at a bearable 15 degrees. In the winters, it falls down to -25 degrees.
Important consideration: Do not rush into anything. The cold temperature and low oxygen level makes for a hostile environment. Move gradually and take baby steps if required.

Nathula, one of the highest drive roads in the world, is a mountain pass in the Himalayan peaks that co-joins Sikkim and China. Nathula Pass is situated on the Indo-Chinese border and is one of the biggest tourist attractions in India.Ô_Several tourists flock here every year for trekking in the valley and enjoying the scenic beauty. There are a number of waterfalls that gush along the way from Gangtok to Nathula. It also offers an opportunity to see beautiful snow peaks encircling the area.

Situated on the Indo-Tibetan border 14450 ft. above sea level, Nathu La is one of the most important Himalayan passes in the country. Nathu means _ã?listening ears_ã? and La means _ã?pass_ã?, the mountain pass is situated at a few kms away from Gangtok in Sikkim. Nathu La is one of three open trading border posts between India and China and is famous for its picturesque beauty and beautiful environment. The temperature here remains low for most parts of the year and Nathu La becomes a hotspot for tourists during summer. The cold wind blowing across at great speed is a phenomenon worth experiencing in Nathu La. A number of waterfalls are present on the way from Gangtok to Nathula. Tsomgo Lake is a popular tourist destination in the region and though it does not have human inhabitation, the place is a home for birds like black eagle, blue whistling thrush, redstarts, folk tails, tit-babblers, etc. The region also supports Himalayan wildlife like Tibetan gazelle, snow leopard, yaks, Tibetan wolves, etc. Nathu La has a rich variety of flora apart from a spectacular wildlife range.


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