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English Language & Literature Class IX Syllabus


Section-wise Weightage

Section Topic Marks
A Reading Skills 20
B Writing Skills with Grammar 30
C Literature Textbooks and Extended Reading Text 30
  Total 80

The annual examination will be of 80 marks, with a duration of three hours.

Section A: Reading

This section will have two reading passages.

Q.1: A Factual passage 300-350 words with eight very Short Answer type Questions. [8 marks]

Q.2: A Discursive passage of 350-400 words with four Short Answer type Questions to test inference, evaluation and analysis with four Very Short Answer Questions to test vocabulary. [12 marks]

Section B: Writing and Grammar

Q.3: Writing a diary/article in about 100-120 words based on visual or verbal cue/s. The questions will be thematically based on the prescribed books. [8 marks]

Q.4: Writing a short story based on a given outline or cue/s in about 200- 50 words. [12 marks]

The Grammar syllabus will include the following areas in class IX:

  1. Tenses
  2. Modals (have to/had to, must, should, need, ought to and their negative forms)
  3. Use of passive voice
  4. Subject – verb concord
  5. Reporting
    • (i) Commands and requests
    • (ii) Statements
    • (iii) Questions
  6. Clauses:
    • (i) Noun clauses
    • (ii) Adverb clauses of condition and time
    • (iii) Relative clauses
  7. Determiners
  8. Prepositions

The above items may be tested through test types as given below:

Q.5: Gap filling with one or two words to test Prepositions, Articles, Conjunctions and Tenses. [3 marks]

Q.6: Editing or Omission [4 marks]

Q.7: Sentences reordering or Sentence Transformation in context. [3 marks]

Section C: Literature Textbooks

Q.8: One out of two extracts from prose/poetry/play for reference to the context. Four Very Short Answer Questions: two questions of one mark each on global comprehension and two questions of one mark each on interpretation. [4 marks]

Q.9: Four Short Answer Type Questions from BEEHIVE AND MOMENTS to test local and global comprehension of theme and ideas (30-40 words each) [2×4=8 Marks]

Q.10: One out two long answer type questions to assess how the values inherent in the texts have been brought out (BEEHIVE & MOMENTS). Creativity, imagination and extrapolation beyond the text and across the texts will be assessed. (100-120 words) [8 marks]

Q.11: One out of two Very Long Answer Questions on theme or plot involving interpretation and inference and character sketch in about 150-200 words based on prescribed extended reading text. [10 Marks]

Prescribed Books

Published by NCERT

  • BEEHIVE – Textbook for Class IX
  • MOMENTS – Supplementary Reader for Class IX

Extended Reading Texts (either one)

  • Gulliver’s Travels (unabridged) by Jonathan Swift
  • Three Men in a Boat (unabridged) by Jerome. K. Jerome
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