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Gandhi Fellowship 2015-2017


Gandhi Fellowship

The Fellowship is a programme for those who are prepared to go on a journey of inner and outer transformation. A programme designed to unearth and mould from among the dreamers and doers in the youth the nation builders of the future. A platform where the best young minds, deal with the problems of the times that are worth solving. The Fellowship challenges fellows over the course of a two year residential program to work with primary school headmasters to transform their schools. In the process, Fellows discover what they want to do with their own lives and how to go about converting their ideas into reality.

Dear Aspirant,

Welcome to the selection process of Gandhi Fellowship 2015!

Please read the instructions carefully before proceeding to fill up your application form.

1) Create your log-in using email address and remember the password for further processes. You are allowed to submit ONLY ONE application for this year’s selection process.

2) Provide accurate contact information along with detailed academic and extra curricular data. Email address and mobile number provided in the application form must be available to you even after you leave your college or job

3) Please fill the application form completely and click the submit button after saving your data.

4) Please do not send us printed or hand-written hard-copies of your application form.

5) This is an application form that requires you to take your time and give due thought to each question. While it will capture several pieces of essential information, it is also meant to give insights into you as a person.

We would like to know about your accomplishments and the roads that led to them, about important roles that you may have played as a leader or as the member of a team, about your capacity for problem solving and of course about the texture and depth of your drive to create constructive change in the world around.

Feel free to be as descriptive and articulate as necessary. Do illustrate your responses with multiple instances if you feel the need. The answers bear the responsibility of giving us glimpses into the nature of your rigor, excellence, self- awareness, capacity for collaborative team work and most importantly the originality and authenticity of your thoughts and dreams.

Good luck with your application for the Gandhi Fellowship Program 2015-2017 batch!

For more details Please! Refer the Website: http://www.gandhifellowship.org

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