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Gerontology (from the Greek γέρων, geron, “old man” and -λογία, -logia, “study of”; coined by Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov in 1903) is the study of the social, psychological, cognitive and biological aspects of aging.

It is the study of the social, psychological and biological aspects of aging. It focuses on physical, mental and social changes in people as they grow old. A person interested in this field can start his or her career by volunteering or working with NGOs or community service agencies to know more about this field and the people working in it. Many private companies, healthcare agencies, old age homes and nursing homes look for specialists in this field. The starting salary might not be very high but with experience you can earn a lot more.

Where to apply?

TISS offers a diploma course in Gerontology. Apart from this, Institute of Home Economics, New Delhi and Ramnarain Ruia College, Mumbai offer courses in this field. Calcutta Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology also offers a one year postgraduate diploma course in Gerontology and Age Management.

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