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In schools and colleges we’re taught many subjects but it is surprising that many of life lessons are hardly included in the curriculum. Consider the case of choosing a career. In very few cases we can find institutions or courses offering formal career guidance.So more often than not people have to make uninformed career choices.
Choosing a career is one among the most significant milestones in our lives and one should be fully equipped to make such an important decision.

The world today is much different from the world of yester years. Our country has also changed a lot in the past few decades. With increased globalization and liberalization, there is vibrancy in the economy. Industrialisation is gaining strength and new jobs are being created.

The service industry is also expanding,generating employment for millions of people. For many corporations
of the world employees’ nationality is a non-issue now and they are willing to hire persons of any nationality as long as they meet the required criteria. Job seekers are moving across cities and nations to fulfil their career aspirations. More and more organisations are becoming global and diversity is being encouraged. This has brought much more opportunities in realm of careers, at the same time has made the job of career selection a lot

Job or career?

The more clear a person is about her career aspirations, the easier for her will be to make a right decision in the matter.Many times people don’t differentiate between a job and a career. A job is an assignment which may be taken for a long or short period. It is more of a position,designation or role. When someone says that she is a computer operator in public works department, she is talking of a job. Career has a wider canvas. A person may choose a career in banking,defence,human resources (HR) or in any other area/ organisation. Our long term planning should be for career. Of course,we’ll be learning from our experiences and may be required to change our career strategy, in some cases.

Career and personality

Ideally your career should match with your personality. Every career requires few personal traits. Before we decide to enter a particular career, we should findout if we have the matching personality.For example in selling, marketing or public relations employees are expected to be extroverts because the requirement is like that. If the required traits are lacking there are two options- to explore some other career or to develop those required
traits. It is possible to bring changes in our personality. It requires willingness,efforts and discipline. Around you, you can find people who have brought changes in their habits and personality after they felt a need for this.

Get the question right

It is true that people work for a living. But this doesn’t give us the complete picture.In most of the cases money can be one of the motives, not the only motive. The other motives can be understood when we ask this question-‘What are the things I look forward to in a career?’ Is this money, power, prestige, complete job security, freedom, growth opportunities or something else? There are many bright students from prestigious institutions like
IITs and IIMs who under campus selections, were offered fat financial packages by national and global companies. They could have been assured of a comfortable life by accepting such attractive offers. But these students preferred to choose the path of entrepreneurship, of being on one’s own which is considered to be risky and demanding. A person who wants to go into academics,supposedly is not a power seeker. Some people seek
quick promotions. You must know your preferences.

Article Source: Employment News

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