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Jaintia Hills


Go on an Exploration Spree at the Jaintia Hills

Located in the heart of Meghalaya, these hills are stuffed with limestone deposits. The Hills have a number of caves for the explorer in you to enjoy. Spelunking in these caves can lead you to a number of shallow and some long caves. It’s best to have company on this adventure.

Jaintia Hills-Land of Myths and Legends

The Jaintia Hills in the State of Meghalaya is bounded on the North and East by the State of Assam. On the South by Bangladesh and on the West by East Khasi Hills District. The total area is 3,819 sq.kms. having a population of 2,95,692 (2001 Census). A land of undulating hills rich in mineral deposits. The natural vegetation changes according to the topography of the land kingdom of Jaintiapur now in present day Bangladesh. Jowai

Location: Jaintia Hills District

64 kms. from Shillong is the administrative headquarters of Jaintia Hills as well as the commercial centre. It is situated along side the Myntdu river which encircles two thirds of this over expanding township.


Location: Jaintia Hills District

The Village of Nartiang is significant for its Summer Palace of the Jaintia King whose Capital was Jaintiapur. The remnants of the summer Palace is located on a hillock approximately two kilometres from the Nartiang market. The archway which can be seen to this day shows that they were well versed in the making of red bricks similar to the ones used by the Ahom Kings of Assam. From the cannons found in the Shiv temple it goes to show that they had skills in techniques of fire arms and metallurgy. At present there lies a Hindu temple in this vicinity and the priests who practice, there are direct descendants of the original priests that came from Jaintiapur.

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