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Haflong Lake

Haflong Lake is situated at the centre of Haflong hill town, which is famously called the ‘Switzerland of the East’. The picturesque landscape with blue hills, large and beautiful lakes, enthralling streams, waterfalls and abundance of pineapple trees and orange trees earns the title for Haflong town. Haflong Lake is one among the two lakes of the town. It is situated at an altitude of 1683 feet above MSL and no wonder you will find clouds and mists touching your arms as they gently move away. The beauty not only enthralls you but also offers various water sports and hence both your body and mind are rejuvenated.

Most of north east India is hilly and breathtaking views of deep valleys are only to be expected. But Assam is a state largely made up of rolling plains. Haflong Hill is the only hill station in the state. Often referred to as White Ant Hillock, Haflong is best known for its picturesque views and rich cultural legacy. Serene and calm and at the same time rustic and wild, Haflong near Silchar is a tourists’ delight.
Haflong is located in south Assam not very far from the city of Silchar. The nearest airport is the one at Silchar (Kumbhirgram Airport) about 108 kilometres away. The drive is likely to take about three hours. The only bus service to Haflong Hill is from Silchar. If you are keen to travel like the locals, you can take the state bus. However, the journey is not likely to be a comfortable one. Renting a car is a recommended option. Alternatively, you may want to board one of the two direct trains from Silchar to Haflong. The journey might be tedious but Haflong’s beauty is certainly worth it.

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