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Heritage Public School


Heritage Public School

Heritage Public School with all its might welcomes you. HPS is a school with an innovative vision in the field of education and personal excellence. Remarkably, HPS adhere to the very basic purpose of international standard of education. HPS is heading towards a deviation from the conventional system of education. This however doesn’t mean departure from the actual teaching and educating practices. The fundamental concept of the school is to reduce the generation gap in the entire field, by the time the students get mature and enter into the practical aspects of life. HPS is the new meaning to a new dimension of education pattern. HPS is not just a school. It is a place where the cradle of wisdom lies. It is a place where the children learn more practically about body, mind, world and the scientific developments. A home in your soulful learning, that is what HPS is bringing in truth, light and life to the dawnlit mountains.Since from the foundation it is a matter of pride to see our school becoming a prestigious institution for a world descending in values and morals institution like HPS can uphold and keep up the societal demands. The strong and upright administration is surely a model for the rest, both in academics and extra curricular excellence. That is what HPS stands for .

P.N.G.B. Road, Gotanagar, Maligaon,
Guwahati-781 033
Mobile:8812922333, Email:hpsguwahati@gmail.com

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