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Indian Institute of Management
Udaipur, Rajasthan http://www.iimu.ac.in/
Address: Polymer Science Building, Mohanlal Sukhadia University Campus, Ganesh Nagar, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001
Phone: 0294 247 7106

About IIM Udaipur

The Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) were created by the Indian Government with the aim of identifying the brightest student talent available and creating a pool of elite managers to lead the various sectors of the Indian economy. Over the course of more than fifty years, IIMs have become recognized as premier management institutions, comparable to the best in the world for teaching, research and interaction with industry.

In 2009, the Indian Government approved the creation of IIM Udaipur. The Institute officially opened in 2011; now located in a temporary campus at Mohanlal Sukhadia University, IIMU is in the midst of constructing a new campus on 300 acres of land in the Balicha area of Udaipur which have been allocated by the Government of Rajasthan.

IIMU pulses with the energy of a start-up while building on the prestigious accomplishments and traditions of the IIM network. It aims to set a new benchmark in the field of management education by combining excellence in both teaching and research. The Institute strives to make a real difference to the region, forging strong relationships with local NGOs and government and working closely with industry on live projects, internships, guest lectures, faculty research, and many events throughout the academic year.

Udaipur, capital of the former princely state of Mewar, evokes the same sense of heritage, beauty and grandeur as such timeless destinations as Venice and Prague. This cradle of culture and history is the perfect backdrop for IIM Udaipur.

If ever there was a place that lent itself as an environment for the kind of management education IIMU aspires to deliver it is Udaipur and Rajasthan. With this heritage, culture and location IIM Udaipur is truly where history meets the future.

Key Building Blocks of IIMU

The following characteristics underlie all our programs and activities.


IIMU provides students with the freedom and institutional support they need to explore their entrepreneurial ambitions. This is reflected in all aspects of our programs: in-depth orientation to entrepreneurship on day one; an inspiring range of elective courses; intensive mentoring during the program and beyond; flexible placement options for students choosing to pursue an entrepreneurial venture; assistance in procuring seed funding and equity capital.

If being an entrepreneur excites you, there is no better place to be in India.

International Perspective

At IIM Udaipur, learning has no boundaries. Our initiatives to instill a global perspective are an integral part of all our activities: the International Business in Practice elective in the PGP enables students to work on short duration consulting assignments at international locations; PGPX students spend an entire five-month semester at Purdue University mastering advanced global SCM; Duke University sends a cohort of public policy students every year for the Summer School for Future Leaders in Development; IIM Udaipur represents India in the Global Business Project, a consortium of prominent B-schools across the world which enables international groups of students to work on live business projects in emerging economies. Other opportunities include international student exchange programs and overseas summer internships.

Immersion as a Philosophy

The world over, MBA programs are realizing that learning is best achieved by doing. At IIMU, this indispensable idea translates to Immersion – in other words, getting students to dive into real-life environments and explore learning for themselves:

Rural Immersion, where students gain an understanding of rural India by spending a week in a village where they work closely with NGOs to appreciate on-the-ground realities and challenges faced by those at the bottom of the pyramid
Corporate Immersion, through live projects and internships in India and abroad
International Immersion, through student exchanges, internships, and courses like International Business in Practice and Global Business Project
Industry Interface

Our priority is to ensure that students understand how theory meets practice across all functional areas. We create many opportunities for students to rub shoulders and match wits with industry leaders throughout the year. These interactions are not limited to internships, live projects and case discussions. The students organize and moderate summits and panel discussions that bring together experts, thinkers and practitioners from India and abroad. Students also benefit from intensive mentoring by committed and enthusiastic industry professionals.

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