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Maharaja Agrasen Medical College

Maharaja Agrasen, the king of Agroha, born to king Vallabh of Pratapnagar some 5182 years back. Maharaja Agrasen, was king of great administrative skill. His concepts of kingdom and the duties of the king towards his subjects have evolved him as a centurial man. Equality, Nationalism, Socialism and Non-Violence were the principles which formed the backbone of his kingship.

Maharaj Agrasen established the republican state of Agroha. Agroha consisted of 18 state units. The head of each state unit was given a Gotra. All the residents of that particular state unit were identified by that Gotra. It was maintained by Maharaja Agrasen that a nupital alliance could not take place in the same Gotra. That is a girl of “Goel” Gotra could not marry a “Goel boy”‘, but could be married in any of the other 17 Gotra. This rule enunciated by Maharaja Agrasen promoted harmony and brotherhood among all the 18 Gotra represented by state units. This facilitated promotion of unity and nationalism among the state units.

Phone : 01669-281193,281194, 281694
EMail : mamc_agroha@yahoo.co.in
Website : www.mamc.edu.in

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