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Museology, or museum studies (also known in older sources as museography), is the study of museums, museum curation, and how museums developed into their institutional role in education through social and political forces.

Museum displays are given meaning and purpose by the context in which they are created and how they are showcased; museology endeavours to discover the catalysts that support the growth of these associations and their success through such efficiencies. The scope of research goes beyond superficial terms, delving further into topics such as audiences to which exhibits are directed, responsibilities encountered by way of function, as well as some deliberation as to possible futures as an institution. The difficulties that are faced by historians and curators to produce a product that appeals to a varied public and can withstand criticism stimulates ongoing research.

As the name suggests, it is the study of museums and their role in society. It offers you the knowledge of managing museums and museum collections. The course is connected to Archaeology and one needs to have a good knowledge of history and culture to opt for this profession. How interesting it could be to know the rarest of facts about the country, right?

Where to apply?

National Museum Institute of History of Art, Conservation and Museology, New Delhi offers various courses in this field. University of Calcutta also offers MA and MSc courses in Museology.

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