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Nursery admissions to be digitalised



Gone are the days when parents have to visit schools for admissions. CBSE schools have made it more easy for the parents as the online admission portal has been opened for nursery in Chennai. The initiative was taken positively both by schools and parents.

Schools have an upper hand of easily downloading the data provided by the parents and analyse it. The data furthermore can be uploaded in the school data with a click.

As quoted in Times of India, Ajeeth Prasad Jain, Senior Principal of Bhavan’s Rajaji vidyasharam said, “The school has made the process easier for schools as well. Now, we can download the data easily and analyse it. Once the child is admitted his data can be uploaded in the schools registry in a click.”

Bhavan’s Rajaji vidyasharam, SBO school & junior college, Maharishi Vidyamandir and Chinmaya Vidyalayas located in Kilpauk, Anna Nagar and Virugambakkam were some of the schools which opened counters for parents to buy applications and fill in online.

Parents fell that the online system is much more transparent than the offline. The system of first come first serve had a drawback for admissions as parents residing in another part of country or overseas cannot apply because of distance constraints, online admissions fills the gap.

Architect CJ Kausalraman felt at ease realising the difference between the time when he enrolled for his first child and now when he enrolled his second child. He says, “I could remember standing in the rain in front of a school in Anna Nagar with an umbrella to get the application. It was a long queue. I am so relieved now as I do not have to go through the same thing.”

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