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What Is Polytechnic?

The word polytechnic is derived from the Greek word ‘poli’ mean’s many and ‘tekhnikos’ mean’s arts. Polytechnic offers a variety of professional courses, both technical and vocational in nature. The Polytechnic provides various career courses and allows a person to start his own business or get a decent job at a reputed place. In fact, Polytechnics give one the comfort of various career courses under one roof.

The courses offered by polytechnics help an individual kick-start his career. Polytechnic is that course in higher education field unlimited opportunity, it has glorious opportunities in profesnal career. There are various types of polytechnics in India – government owned polytechnics, private polytechnics, women’s polytechnic and likewise. Subjects taught in these polytechnics are numerous and include- polytechnics in mass communication, polytechnics in fashion designing, polytechnics in automobile engineering, polytechnics in chemical engineering, polytechnics in interior decoration, polytechnics in computer engineering…the list can go on and on.

The women polytechnics lay stress on all types of courses in general and women-oriented courses in particular. Women-oriented courses will enable women to become independent and begin their career. Some women oriented courses include polytechnics in cookery, polytechnics in sewing, polytechnics in house-decorations, etc. The minimum eligibility to seek admission in a polytechnic college is 10th standard. But these diplomas can be pursued even after 10+2 or graduation.

A polytechnic is a Vocational course with non-university higher education and in another words we say that it is junior Engineering and Diploma Engineering. Usually polytechnic focusing on some specialization in some fields like:-
1. Diploma in Civil Engineering (Polytechnic in Civil).
2. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Polytechnic in Mechanical).
3. Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Polytechnic in Electrical).
4. Diploma in IT Engineering (Polytechnic in IT).
5. Diploma in ETC Engineering (Polytechnic in ETC).
6. Diploma in Computer Science(CS) Engineering (Polytechnic in CS).

What are polytechnics?

As the name suggests, a ‘polytechnic’ has traditionally been an institution that offers education in many arts and sciences at the diploma level. Since most of them offer education to improve the practical and technical skills of the students, they have a clear vocational orientation. In India, polytechnics are set up and run by the State governments or are private institutions with varying degrees of government aid, offering diploma and certificate courses that can be done after Class 10. Other courses like fashion design, textile design, mass communication, interior design and hotel management can have a duration of one to four years, depending on course structure.

Polytechnic Institutes in Assam

Following are the important Polytechnic Institutes in Assam.

Assam Engineering Institute (AICTE Approved)

Chandmari, M.R.D.Road.
P.O.Silpukhuri,Guwahati 781 003, Kamrup SCTE. Assam
Courses: Chemical Engineering (Seats:30), Civil Engineering(Seats:90), Computer Engineering (Seats:30), Electrical Engineering (Seats:30),
Mechanical Engineering (Seats:30), Electronics & Telecomm. Engg.(Seats:30), P. D. in Computer Application (Seats:30), Automobile Engineering
Mechatronics (Seats:20),

Assam Textile Institute (AICTE Approved)

G N B Road, Ambari Guwahati 781 001, Kamrup SCTE, Assam
Courses: Textile Technology (Seats:30),
Garment Technology (Seats:20),
Fashion Technology (Seats:30).

Bongaigaon Polytechnic (AICTE Approved)
Goal Para,Bongaigaon 783 380,BongaigaonSCTE, Assam
Courses: Automobile Engineering(Seats:15), Civil Engineering(Seats:15), Electrical Engineering(Seats:15)

Dibrugarh Polytechnic (AICTE Approved)
Lahowal Dibrugarh 786 010, Dibrugarh SCTE, Assam
Courses: Civil Engineering (Seats:40), Mechanical Engineering (Seats:30), Electrical Engineering (Seats:30), Mining Engineering (Seats:15), Tea Technology (Seats:15), Information Technology (Seats:15), Electronics & Telecom. Engg (Seats:40).

H. R. H. The Prince of Wales Institute of Engineering & Technology (AICTE Approved)
Gar-ali, Charai Bahi -785 001, JorhatSCTE, Assam
Courses: Agricultural Engineering (Seats:20), Automobile Engineering (Seats:30), Civil Engineering (Seats:30), Electrical Engineering (Seats:30), Electronics & Telecomm Engg (Seats:30), Instrumentation Engineering (Seats:30), Mechanical Engineering (Seats:35), Information Technology(Seats:30), P. D. in Drilling Technology(Seats:15).

Indian Institute of Handloom Technology (AICTE Approved)
National Highway No.37, Jawahar Nagar, Khanapara
Guwahati 781 022, KamrupSCTE, Assam
Courses: Handloom Technology(Seats:30)

Jyoti Chitraban Film and Television Institute (AICTE Approved)
KahiliparaGuwahati 781 019, KamrupSCTE, Assam
Courses : Aided Audiography & Sound Engineering(Seats:11), Film & Video Editing(Seats:11), Motion Picture Photography(Seats:11).

Nowgong Polytechnic (AICTE Approved)
Poly Road, Nowgong 782 001SCTE, Assam
Courses: Civil Engineering (Seats:60), Electrical Engineering(Seats:30), Mechanical Engineering(Seats:30), Computer Engineering(Seats:20).

Padmashhree Chandraprabha Saikiani (Formerly Girl’s Polytechnic) (AICTE Approved)
Bamuni Maidan, Beltola Guwahati 781 021 Kamrup (M)SCTE, Assam
Courses: Architectural Assistantship(Seats:30), Civil Engineering & Planning(Seats:30), Modern Office Management(Seats:30), Computer Engineering & Appl (Seats:30).

Residential Girls’ Polytechnic (AICTE Approved)
Pandit Hemchandra Goswami Path Pulibari, Moukhua 785 621, Golaghat SCTE, Assam
Courses: Textile Chemistry & Design(Seats:30), Electronics & Telecomm. Engineering(Seats:30).

Silchar Polytechnic (AICTE Approved)
Meharpur Silchar 788 015, Cacha SCTE, Assa
Courses: Civil Engineering(Seats:90), Electrical Engineering(Seats:30), Mechanical Engineering(Seats:40),Electronics & Telecomm Engg (Seats:90)

What are the jobs for polytechnic engineer?

Students taking up polytechnic diploma engineering courses do have a lot of opportunities available in the present job scenario. Most of the companies offer good pay packages for the deserving candidates. There are plenty of freshers jobs for polytechnic diploma holders available in the engineering companies. If you wish to know more about job options available for polytechnic diploma holders scroll down the page.

Polytechnic Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

There are plenty of freshers jobs for polytechnic diploma holders. If you have a diploma in mechanical engineering then you can look out for options in the field of mechanical drafting, modification of the designs existing, machine maintenance, costing and estimating and designing. The major companies dealing with mechanical engineering works appoint freshers for the entry level positions. They also provide the candidates with necessary prior training before they start working. Some of the designations matching the job profile of diploma mechanical engineering graduates are CAD Application engineers, Draughtsman Auto cad, detailing engineers, design engineer mechanical, structural engineer and trainee engineers.

Polytechnic Diploma in Civil Engineering

Candidates with a diploma in civil engineering may apply for jobs available in the field of construction. The main job profiles available to suit the criteria of civil engineers are site engineers involved with the supervision of work, draftsman, surveyors, office procedures, estimation work and in-charge of the quality control. If you have an inclination towards business you can also start your own consultancy in this field.

Polytechnic Diploma in Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering companies offer a wide spectrum of freshers jobs for polytechnic diploma holders. Candidates with a diploma in chemical engineering may join concerned companies as lab technician, database engineer, structural engineer and sales and service engineer.

Polytechnic Diploma in Computer Applications

The present job scenario of India offers ample freshers jobs for polytechnic diploma holders. Candidates with a diploma in computer applications may join the major IT Companies of the region. Trainee engineers, electrical engineers, diploma engineers, structural designer and ITI Draftsman Auto Cad are some of the job profiles available for the candidates.

Polytechnic Diploma Freshers Expected Salary

The expected salary of the candidates depends on the position and the company one is engaged with.
Freshers jobs for polytechnic diploma holders have improved to a large extent over the years.

List of Top Polytechnic Colleges in India

Government Polytechnic , Mumbai Mumbai
S H Jondhale Polytechnic Thane
V.P.M.’s Polytechnic Thane
Vivekanand Education Society’s Polytechnic Mumbai
Adesh Polytechnic College Muktsar
Anjuman Polytechnic Nagpur
Agnel Polytechnic Navi Mumbai
Chhotu Ram Polytechnic Rohtak
Adhiparasakthi Polytechnic College Kanchipuram
MEI Polytechnic Bangalore
Government Polytechnic Pune
Ananda Marga Polytechnic Kolar
Seth Jai Parkash Polytechnic Yamunanagar
A.A.N.M & V.V.R.S.R Polytechnic Krishna
AL- Huda Polytechnic Nellore
Andhra Polytechnic Kakinada
Bongaigaon Polytechnic Bongaigaon
Bapatla Polytechnic College Guntur
Col D.S. Raju Polytechnic Poduru
Government Polytechnic Thakatpur
Government Polytechnic College Bijapur
Government Polytechnic College Ambikapur
Government Polytechnic Raigarh
APC Roy Polytechnic Kolkata
Government Polytechnic Miraj Sangli
Government Women Polytechnic College Bhopal
Kalinga Polytechnic Bhubaneswar Bhubaneswar
Government Womens Polytechnic Patna
Yamuna Polytechnic for Engineering Yamunanagar
T. B. Girwalkar Polytechnic Ambajogai

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