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You might have come across the saying ‘Health is wealth’. This is applicable for both physical and mental health. For a good life mental health is as important as physical health. Considering the importance of mental well-being of people a lot of study and research has already been made and the area is being further explored. All this is
covered under Psychology which is considered to be a highly interesting subject.

Human mind is complex and so is its working. Psychology provides understanding to that. In this subject we study the nature, processes, reactions and other aspects related to human mind. Psychologists try to understand the pattern of human thinking and behavior at different stages ofgrowth and development of human beings. Those who like to understand the intricacies of how people think,actand react can choose psychology as their area of study and career.

Learnings of psychology are applied in the fields of education, development, health, industry, management etc.
As an independent subject psychology can be studied at 10 plus 2 or equivalent level, mostly in arts stream. At graduation level this subject can be studied with a combination of other subjects. Honours courses in psychology, like many other subjects, are also available. Up to graduation level study of psychology provides a general understanding of the subject and the coverage includes some idea of all the major branches in psychology. For making a professional career in psychology one should go for post-graduation in the subject which also offers specialization in a particular branch. Simple bachelor degree holders don’t have too many opportunities
directly dealing with the subject. A research or doctoral qualification in psychology may lead one to high end careers nationally or globally.

Almost all recognised universities in the country have postgraduate courses in psychology .The duration as usual is 2 years. There are few institutes of national repute offering specialized courses in psychology. Psychology offers many specialisations. Some major ones are described below:Social psychology:Social psychology is to understand the behavior of individuals and groups in social settings. Social psychologists work with social organizations,
institutions and may also be put in interview selection panels.

Educational psychology: This branch ofpsychology is concerned with understanding of education and learning process be it adult or child learning. It covers teaching techniques and methods to improve their effectiveness. Educational psychologists work mostly in schools, colleges, universities and training institutions.

Developmental psychology: Developmental psychology covers growing up behavior of human beings. Psychologists from this area study development of thinking in children and have the opportunities to work in schools, counselling centres etc.

Child psychology: There may be few similarities indevelopmental psychology and child psychology. Child psychology includes behaviours related to learning deficiencies and disabilities in children. Rehabilitation centres etc. require the services of child psychologists.

Industrial psychology:Sometimes this is also known as organizational psychology. Industrial psychologists use their knowledge and expertise to study employee behavior in worksettings. They may be required to choose people for jobs, provide guidance and counselling to workers, design organizational strategies to create a motivating environment, improve productivity and communication.Industrial psychologists are required in organizations, industrial units and as trainers.

Experimental psychology: This area of psychology deals with fundamentals of the subject to carry out relevant experiments. Results of some of such experiments can be very useful for the discipline with wide applicability. Experimental psychologists are highly suited for research work and academics.

Sports psychology: Sports persons go through a lot of challenges and anxiety. Their performance is not just dependent of their stamina but also the mental frame they keep in. Sports psychologists are required to help players to keep focused on their goals, become highly motivated, and deal with anxiety, fear of failure and
setbacks.Psychologists from this area get opportunity to work with top players,sports clubs and sports promotion bodies.

Clinical psychology: Due to increasing social complexities etc. now there are more cases of mental disturbances and disorders in people. In clinical psychology the study of diagnosis, causes and treatment of such disturbances and disorders is made. Clinical psychologists in some cases are required to work with doctors,nurses inhospitals, health centres etc. Work opportunities for them are also available in educational and research institutions. Clinical psychologists play a crucial role in promoting mental health.

Counselling psychology: People with personal and emotional problems may need support and guidance in dealing with the difficult phase of their life.Counselling psychology has been developed to cater to such needs. Practitioners of counselling psychology who are termed counsellors talk to people, understand what is going in their mind and suggest how best they can come out of the problems confronting them. Counselling can be in different walks of life – marriage, carrier and others. Psychology is different from psychiatry. The former is a subject of social science while the latter is covered under medical science. Psychiatrists can prescribe medicines .Psychologists rely on the interventions of therapy, counselling, advice etc. to deal with psychological issues of people. To have an enjoyable career in psychology one should be genuinely interested in people, their thinking patterns, social trends and complexities of human relationships. You’ll require to develop good communication skills, sensitivity,patience, empathy, objectivity and such other qualities to become successful in your career.

As a psychologist your area of work will mostly depend on the specialization you’ve chosen. This doesn’t mean that generalist careers are not available. Work opportunities for psychologists are available in industrial and service organizations, big hospitals, educational institutions which includes schools, colleges and universities, vocational guidance centres, social welfare organizations, rehabilitation centres and prominent non- governmental organizations etc. In many cases psychologists get the opportunities to work in human resource departments and
training centres of corporates. Organizations like Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS), Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) also require the services of psychologists. Teaching and research opportunities are widely available.Higher education and research can be pursued in any of the developed countries also as in these countries lot of importance is given to social science subjects of which psychology is one. Many psychologists prefer to work on their own.This can be done immediately after completion of studies or after gaining some

Below is an indicative list of institutes (other than universities) offering specialised courses in psychology:

National Institute of Mental Health & Neuroscience (NIMHANS), Bengaluru -560029

All India Institute of Physical Medicine& Rehabilitation, Mumbai-400034

Rehabilitation Council of India, New Delhi-110016

Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai-400088

Regional Institute of Education, Ajmer/Bhubaneswar/Bhopal /Mysore/Shillong

Ranchi Institute of Neuro –Psychiatry& Allied Science, Ranchi-834006

As the society progresses and people become more aware,psychologists will be in greater demand .Those with a good professional qualification inpsychology and with right traits, can certainly look forward to a bright career.
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Article Source: Employment News

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