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Public Relations

Public Relations was once used to be a simple operation of Corporate Publicity. It has now emerged as a broad based management function now popularly referred as Corporate Communication. It emcompasses activites in the realm of management of Public Affairs, Media Relations. Corporate Communication functions works towards maintaining a balanced public image and regularly communicating the News about the Organisation to the public, employees, Investors at large.

Besides being a simple operational tool for quite a lone period in corporate publicity, Public Relations today also is a key management functionary. It is known by the name Corporate Communication. Management of public affairs, management of media relations, critical analyses and research works are these days taken care of by the former. Corporate communication takes care of protection of organizational interests and maintenance of a sound image of the corporate house to the public regarding its performance.

The success, growth, and continued existence of any organization depend upon the success with which it handles its relation with the public in matters of the various policies and aims set by the company. Exactly this thing is taken care of by the PR professionals in field like banking institutes, business houses, media houses, academic institutions, governmental organizations, medical institutes, and the like. They maintain a positive relation of the concerned organization with the public. The organization is projected in front of the public in the best possible way. Their success naturally draws positive response of the public for the concerned organization.

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