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Sociology Class XI Syllabus


Exam Structure

Unit Topic Marks
Introducing Sociology 40
1 Society, Sociology and its relationship with other Social Sciences 8
Basic Concepts and their use in Sociology
Understanding Social Institutions 10 
Culture and Socialization
Doing Sociology: Research Methods
Understanding Society 40
Social Structure, Stratification and Social Processes in Society 10
Social Change and Social order in Rural and Urban Society 10 
Environment and Society
Introducing Western Sociologists
10 Indian Sociologists
  Total 80

A. Introducing Sociology

Unit 1: Society and Sociology and Relationship with other Social Sciences

  • Introducing Society: Individuals and collectivities. Plural Perspectives
  • Introducing Sociology: Emergence. Nature and Scope. Relationship to other disciplines

Unit 2: Basic Concepts and their use in Sociology

  • Social Groups
  • Status and Role
  • Social Stratification
  • Society & Social Control

Unit 3: Understanding Social Institutions

  • Family, Marriage and Kinship
  • Work & Economic Life
  • Political Institutions
  • Religion as a Social Institution
  • Education as a Social Institution

Unit 4: Culture and Socialization

  • Culture, Values and Norms: Shared, Plural, Contested
  • Socialization: Conformity, Conflict and the Shaping of Personality

Unit 5: Doing Sociology: Research Methods

  • Methods: Participant Observation, Survey
  • Tools and Techniques: Observation, Interview, Questionaire
  • The Significance of Field Work in Sociology

B. Understanding Society

Unit 6: Structure, Process and Stratification

  • Social Structure
  • Social Stratification: Class, Caste, Race, Gender
  • Social Processes: Cooperation, Competition, Conflict

Unit 7: Social Change and Social order in Rural & Urban Society

  • Social Change: Types and Dimensions; Causes and Consequences
  • Social Order: Domination, Authority and Law; Contestation, Crime and Violence
  • Village, Town and City: Changes in Rural and Urban Society

Unit 8: Environment and Society

  • Ecology and Society
  • Environmental Crises and Social Responses
  • Sustainable Development

Unit 9: Introducing Western Sociologists

  • Karl Marx on Class Conflict
  • Emile Durkheim on Division of Labour
  • Max Weber on Bureaucracy

Unit 10: Indian Sociologists

  • G.S. Ghurye on Race and Caste
  • D.P. Mukherjee on Tradition and Change
  • A.R. Desai on the State
  • M.N. Srinivas on the Village
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