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Sports Coaching

The language of sports is universal. No matter where you are from, if you have a basic understanding of any game, the adrenaline rush and excitement it brings as soon as you become engrossed in it, is basically the same. It doesn’t matter whether you are actually participating in the game or among the crowds of other sports enthusiast doing the Mexican Wave or even just inside the comforts of your home being a usual couch potato self.

In India, sports fanaticism is likewise as common as with the rest of the world. Anyone who has been to an Indian cricket match will be left in no doubt that the nation is passionate about sports. Other popular sports in India include Football, Hockey, Lawn Tennis and Badminton. Although Hockey is the official sport of India, Cricket has become much more popular.

In common with much of Asia, India receives major European sporting events via satellite television although with less people gathered around televisions. Watching sport live in India is an incredibly social event.

It is not surprising therefore that more and more people in India are becoming interested in launching a career in sports. Academics from some of India’s prominent universities say there are opportunities galore in the field. Universities and other educational institutions have also realized the importance of sports and physical education as a viable career option as well. Among the possible career options in sports are:

Physical Education Instructors
Sports Coach
Umpire or Referee
Professional Players
Sports Journalist
A career in coaching is fast becoming popular. There are coaches for each game and athletic event. Generally, the main job of a coach is to select potential players, give them instructions about the rules of the games, plan the precision of their movements, demonstrate techniques of the play, observe players in action and offer helpful criticism and corrective methods.

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