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St. Ann’s High School


St. Ann’s High SchoolSt. Ann’s High School

To impart education to the poor and needy the school was started on 1st April 1871 with 25 orphans and 3 boarders by the sisters of St. Ann a Religious Congregation committed to the cause of education.
In 1883 the strength increased to 130 pupils In November 1884 it was officially inspected and recognized as a Middle School. From its start the school presented pupils for the Middle School Examination for the Madras Matriculation.
At the very start of the activities in the Mission field, the sisters saw the necessity of having the orphans separated from the boarders and the day scholars. A small house in the same compound was cleaned up and the first orphanage in India was started in it. In 1884, the sisters were able to construct a more suitable building for the orphans. This building shelters orphans and destitute girls who are often rescued from unwholesome surroundings. This orphanage was named as St. Joseph’s Orphanage. St. Joseph’s Middle School was attached to the Orphanage.
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