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Tihu College

Tihu (Pron:ˈtɪhuː) (Assamese: টিহু) is a town and a town area committee established in 1951 in Nalbari district in the Indian state of Assam.
The ancient name of Tihu was ‘Dihu’. According to Kalaguru Bishnu Prasad Rabha, ‘DI’ means ‘water’ and ‘HU’ means ‘flow’. ‘Dihu’ is actually a word of Bodo language. The ancient name of the town came from the name of the river ‘Dihu’, which flows through the heart of Tihu Town. According to Assamese scholar, Banikanta Kakati, the name of the river transformed to ‘Tihu’ as time passed by. So the name of the town too changed to ‘Tihu’.

The peopling and settlement in the area indicates replacement of early inhabited people in town and many parts of its adjacent areas to present scenery. At present, Tihu revenue circles consisits of 39 village (out of which 11 villages are under Bodoland Territorial Council area) and an urban centre, Tihu town itself covers 132.0779 km2.

Address: Tihu, Assam 781371
Phone: 03624 281 238

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