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Tocklai Tea Research Institute


Tocklai Tea Research Institute

The Tocklai Tea Research Institute was established in 1911, at a site near the river Tocklai in Jorhat, Assam.

Organised research in tea started in India as early as 1891 when a Joint Committee of the Indian Tea Association (ITA) and the Agricultural and Horticultural Society of Bengal appointed Mr. M. Kelway Bamber, a Chemist. Till then all important contributions towards growth of tea industrywere the results of untiring personal efforts of pioneers who had to struggle
against heavy odds. Mr Bamber initiated work on chemistry of tea, soils and manures in an effort to understand the chemical basis of tea quality. The findings of this work were published in his book “The Chemistry and Agriculture of Tea including Growth and Manufacture” in 1893. The ITA then assigned Dr.George Watt, Entomologist, Govt of India the task of investigating the subject of Tea Blight and the potential of the plant Adhatoda vasica as an insecticide against tea pests.

Address: Tocklai Experimental Station, Jorhat, Assam 785008
Date founded: 1911
Phone: 0376 236 0972

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