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In today’s fiercely competitive scenario, while, choosing the right career is very critical, it is equally difficult as well. And what makes matter even worse is the availability of multiple options and friendly suggestions as well as mind set of parents. So, in the present scenario, it requires professional guidance and advisory – for an individual or a student to pursue the right career and that is where SCIENTIA EDUCARE comes into picture.
A Premier career guidance and people development organization offering career consultancy services, educational consultancy services, SCIENTIA EDUCARE has a proven track record of helping students getting the best suited career without wasting their precious time and academic sessions. With a panel of experts, SCIENTIA EDUCARE offers expert career guidance and advisory solutions to students, which are based on the expert analysis of the educational qualification, aptitude, interests, family background and the overall personality of an individual.
Apart from this, the spectrum of our services also includes student development for Overseas Education and Industry Placements. We are helping students who needs admission assistance in India and abroad. At SCIENTIA EDUCARE, students get the entire gamut of information regarding professional courses, vocational training, best career options, overseas education and employment opportunities.
Moreover, each student is subject to a battery of tests in order to adjudge their innate potential and personality. Afterwards, most suitable career options are suggested to students and advices are provides for selecting the best one.
In the present time of fierce competition, timely preparation and planning for a career is very important. With its focus on the students’ needs, SCIENTIA EDUCARE combines experience, information, researches and technologies as a key driver to enable people realizing their potential and making their dreams come true.


“To help individuals in finding their right career path so that they realize their dreams and become successful in leading a meaningful life.”


“To become an eminent organization at pan global level in the field of career guidance and people development, helping people around the world envisioning themselves.”

Our Services

  • Complete Career Guidance and Career Counseling
  • Free Educational Sessions
  • Complete Career Guidance and Career Counseling
Now-a-days, the spectrum of career choices is vast and each of the career options seems to be lucrative enough to confuse students, which one to join and which one to leave. In effect, what happens is that they get carried away by sheer amount of pay packets right at the beginning of their career. However, when they go down the line, a majority of them get frustrated realizing that they have chosen the wrong profession – by the time, it is too late to change their career – And that is where one needs professional career guidance and career counseling.
We offer the most appropriate career guidance and advisory to students, so that they can opt for the right job. We have a panel of experts, who, on the basis of an overall analysis of the personality, skills, aptitude, interest etc, offer the most appropriate career counseling, so that students can take the right career decision.
We have identified some best career finding techniques that assist student to objectively assess their potential and pursue a career that best suits the individual. Our career advisory services are best suited for school students as well as graduates as well as professionals.
  • Guidance to decide the Stream after class X.
  • Guidance for various competitive examinations.
  • Guidance for choosing right course in right institution.
  • Assessing student capability based on his Strength, Weakness & overall his Interest.
  • 30 minutes session/meeting with student & parent to help them decide the right pathway.
  • Guidance on future Prospects on the career opted by student.

SCIENTIA EDUCARE_ a premier career guidance development organization

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Free Educational Sessions

Perhaps the most decisive moment of a students’ life is the time, when he/she decide a future course to pursue a career. With availability of a number of courses, streams and career options, this task of selection further gets complicated. Keeping this in mind, we arrange free education sessions for registered students.
We provide career guidance so that students take informed decisions and move forward in the right direction. Such educational sessions for career guidance and career counseling are arranged mostly with the announcement of school/college examination results.
We have two types of guidance sessions – drop-in session and full guidance session. Drop in session includes discussion of career and educational options with students, whereas full session includes explaining career options and information in detail. In both sessions, we:
  • Offer Information and Guidance on Courses.
  • Advise on Best Vocational Courses that help in Learning New Skills.
  • Analyze Students’ Options for the Future and Accordingly Decide Courses and Training.
  • Help Students about How to Prepare for Any Particular Exam/Interview.
  • Arrange Interactive Question & Answer Session.

SCIENTIA EDUCARE offers you a wealth of accurate and up-to-date information to help you make the right choices.

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