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St Joseph School

St Joseph School

Here at “St. Joseph’s School” we understand what it takes to keep a pace with the time and respond as per its constraint. Thus we have developed a curriculum which meets all requirement of modern educational structure. Our system not only aims at competing at national standard but also swank of a better performance at international level as well.

We aim to create and maintain a caring, supportive and stimulating environment in which every child in its care can achieve his/her potentialities. The school is dedicated to the ideas of quality education, social change, career guidance, information technology, secular traits, etc. We dedicatedly work to strengthen a child mentally, physically, scientifically, spiritually and on moral grounds. It aims to mould a child to face new social changes with a scope of further creative development.

St Joseph School, Azara
Ganakpara, Mikir Para Chakardoi, Assam 781017


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