Home school student CLASS: X :: Management of Natural Resources

CLASS: X :: Management of Natural Resources



Management of Natural Resources

Question 1: Which one of the following is an example of
biotic component of environment?
1. wind
2. water
3. vegetation
4. temperature
Answer: 3

Question 2: Which of the following is a non renewable resource?
1. solar Energy
2. hydrocarbon fuel
3. flora and fauna
4. nuclear power
Answer: 2

Question 3: Sanctuaries are established to_______.
1. develop commercial tree plantation
2. conduct ecotourism on wildlife
3. protect animals
4. conduct research on Biodiversity
Answer: 3

Question 4: Global warming has resulted due to
1. increased emissions of fine particulates from automobiles
2. increased emissions of CO2 from automobiles
3. Oxides of sulphur and nitrogen
4. lack of rainfall worldwide
Answer: 2

Question 5: The main cause of mismanagement of natural
resources is because of _________.
1. a large increase in population
2. the conversion of land for food crops
3. a great demand for petroleum
4. Individuals not using the three R’s
Answer: 1

Question 6: Which statement is the most accurate?
1. 60% of the earth’s land surface is now used to grow crops and graze animals.
2. Ganga and Yamuna rivers are covered under the Ganga Action Plan-I and II.
3. 9.73% of the total global supply of water is available for human consumption.
4. The 14 major river systems are a part of the Ganga action plan.
Answer: 2

Question 7: The main source of water in India is____________.
1. rain water
2. ground water
3. surface water
4. sea water
Answer: 1

Question 8: Floods are caused by_______.
1. afforestation
2. cutting the forests
3. tilling the land
4. constructing mega dams
Answer: 2

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