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Knowledge is the branch of learning about the facts or information that may occur with the evidence of relevant data. As simply we can clarify that, a relevant data can be processed to acquire the information that is hold within the data frame and knowledge is the refined form of information.

Students are the assets of future world and are regarded as the backbone of human civilisation. Right from the ancient times, the guru’s at the paathsalas’s edify knowledge lessons of human culture, tradition and civilisation to the ‘shisyas’ that re regarded as the students. They were being given knowledge with the expert practices of different knowledge fields.

The domain of knowledge is infinite and as a result of it, the field for specialisation elaborates with the dimension of studies.

The present day education scenario has impacted the whole world of civilisation into a compact gadgets information hub. Education can now be grab with the electronic medium of information that can be accessed with the help of internet connectivity.

But apart from the sources of knowledge, it is very must important for us to have a well defined and recognised education degrees so that we can be introduced ourselves into this world with a known personality. This is just simple enough to choose a booming degree from a recognised institution. All is what it wants, in present era is about the level of extent of specialised we can grab from the knowledge domain.

We are admitted to school around the age of between 3-4 years, whereby we can extent our education life up to the age of any, because education has no bar! From Nursery or Preparatory up to class ten or matriculation we have a well defined school life, where we are being taught with all kinds of basic knowledge’s and disciplines of the universe and human civilisation.

The necessity of high school is to make the students to be more effective with the theoretical and empirical knowledge’s about the core subjects. This helps them in framing their career with the basics and to elaborate the rate of study the subjects into depth for further career development.

The student after passing matriculation or the class ten examinations has an open variation in majority of three domains, namely, science, arts and commerce. Also might some could equally opt for diploma programs. But the main constraints about these phase is that one couldn’t be able to jump from one domain to another domain and these is applicable mainly in case of commerce and arts domain where students are not allowed to jump in science domain anymore in future prospects. So one should thereby, clarify himself/herself about choosing the domain with high priority to focus for a better career growth.
Students are needed to emphasize more on better career growth from the development of the root of the education life. Students are the crucial part of human civilisation and are the main element of a nation’s growth and development.
After passing the class twelve or the higher secondary examinations, the students have wide variety of courses and degree programs. Right from the professional courses to the traditional degree courses, the students can whatsoever select a better career prospect from a large range of colleges, institution and universities.

A student from a science domain can apply for the entrances in engineering in state level as well as all India level and are being admitted according to the marks obtained. It is also same for the medical entrances as well.
Students might also opt for different new professional courses across the globe which includes animation, design, media etc.

Students from commerce background can go for both traditional and professional courses as well as other related subjects that fit their background. One of the best oppurtunity to opt for chartered accountant program which has wide demand across all phases of organisation.

Arts student also has wide range of courses open for them. They too could opt for courses like aviation, tourism, media etc.

Students regardless of their domain have a wide career prospects if they dedicate themselves towards education with full commitment. Success is just a consequence of a student commitment; it never ends until they never give up.
Life is full of joy and sorrow chapter but edifying yourself to grab the knowledge will consequentially lead you to have recognition in this diverse world. You are the owner of your talent, work on it and let success to come towards you, never run after it.

Life has no limits as same as knowledge has no limit, work from today with your total commitment, I bet you: life will make you smile one day for your concern!

Hope all could persuade their own craves, hope for all success!
Stay healthy, Godspeed and hit your expertise!
Live Green!
Plaban Sharma.

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