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Fitness Instructor

Fitness has emerged as a distinct field of employment today. Popularly known as the ‘gym’, the old fashioned gymnasium has taken a whole new meaning now. Now-a-days there is also an increase in health consciousness with high premium on outward appearances. With many of us leading sedentary lifestyles, the need for regular and rigorous exercise has become a necessity. Qualified fitness professionals have come to the forefront to cater to persons with related needs and requirements.
A fitness professional is a professional in the field of fitness and exercise, most often instruction (fitness instructor), including aerobics and yoga instructors and authors of fitness instruction books or manuals. Fitness topics may also include nutrition, weight-loss, and self-help. Fitness careers are distinguished from exercise science careers such as athletic training, however the various types of fitness certifications have more and more in common: the, “distinctions…have become blurred, with more similarities than differences given the common background that all fitness professionals must possess.

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