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Government Medical College

Government Medical College and Hospital, Nagpur was founded in 1947 in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. The college was affiliated with Nagpur University from 1947 to 1997, and subsequently Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik.
Nagpur City has the history of 300 years plus when it was the capital of Gond Rajas Buland Shah Baksh. Nagpur was one of the major centre with capital even during British regime. The present Mayo Hospital came into existence in 1862 and was known as “City Hospital”. A medical school was started in 1914 in that hospital and was under Nagpur Education Board. It was named after Mr.Robertson the then Joint Commissioner of Central Province. School was conducting L.M.P. Diploma Course. At that time there was no Medical College for higher studies and the students of Nagpur had to go out for Medical Education. Nagpur became the important centre for education by establishing Nagpur University in 1923. C.P.Berar Government had made arrangement for higher medical education at G.S.(KEM) Medical College, Mumbai and Nil Ratan Sorcar Medical College, Calcutta. This facility was available only for 10-12 students every year and many students could not make it. Hence there was constant demand for independent Medical College in this region.

Phone : 0712-2743588, 2700256
EMail : gmc.ngp08@gmail.com
Website : www.gmcnagpur.org

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