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MSc In Climate Science TERI University


The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) University has launched a new course under the MSc stream in Climate Science and the Policy for this has been initiated. This shall be a two year programme that will boost and provide a practical understanding of climate science. This progrramme shall cover concepts such as geosciences, law and policy, mitigation etc… Rajiv Seth, which is a registrar of TERI University says “There is world wide acknowledgment of the changes in environment induced by Man. In such a scenario, a programme promoting an understanding of climate policy, integrating the industry with academics for sustainable business models, is the need of the hour. Through the programme, students will get an understanding of the practical aspects of the climate science”. He also said that “In the first semester, students will be introduced to the basics.

The second semester will have options for students to choose an area of specializations in a multidisciplinary manner. The third semester will see students picking up electives, such as environment modeling, hydrology, water treatment etc..” “Also the final semester would be devoted to research and project work. A faculty member will guide students in their research and project work. A faculty member will guide students in their research for the industry-based project. They have to prepare a thesis at the end of the semester”, he added. The programme shall be headed by Mr.V.Ramanathan, director, centre for Atmospheric Sciences, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, United states (US). At the initial stage, the course will have just 15 seats and the fee structure for this particular course for one semester is 50,000.


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