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Post Graduate Program in Healthcare Management


Post Graduate Program in Healthcare Management
T.A. Pai Management Institute
Post Graduate Program in Healthcare Management

This is a two year post graduate program offered by T. A. Pai Management Institute (TAPMI) in its Manipal campus. It is planned as a residential program which will start from June 2010.

This program hopes to blend together and provide the competence from both the management and health fields to the participants. The program focuses on the management of hospital and its resources, management of health service products, management of service delivery operations and technology, management of patients, management of public and community health systems. This program is expected to develop high quality health care professionals and opens wide career opportunities for the participants in both management and health sectors. Participants will be awarded a Post graduate diploma on successful completion of 2 years.

Need for the Program

Organized health care has seen tremendous growth in the last 10-15 years, more so in the last 5 years in India. The need to tackle numerous minor to major diseases, frequent occurrence of natural and man-made calamities and disasters, complexities of managing small clinics to big hospitals, lack of basic infrastructure, a hugely growing population, dearth of trained man power, has made health care a very highly challenging sector. More importantly lack of well trained managerial skills to manage hospitals and health care systems comes as the biggest contributor to this challenge. This two year Post graduate program on Health Care Management (HCM) which intends to integrate knowledge, skills and attitude of both health / medical field and business management fields assumes importance due to the following reasons:

India’s growing importance to health care system.
Big spurt in growth of hospitals all over the country.
Lack of professionally qualified people at various levels to administer and manage hospitals and health care systems.
Lack of relevant medical related knowledge and skills by management experts, to administer/manage hospitals and health care systems.
Lack of relevant management related knowledge and skills by medical experts, to administer/manage hospitals and health care systems.
Very few high quality programs of this dual nature are offered in the country.
Structure of Program

This program will be of two years of duration, comprising of six terms. Each term will entail about 6-7 courses and is spread over about 3 months. The first year courses will be the foundations courses of management and health related areas. The second year courses will contain advanced/specialization courses from both management and health fields, relevant to health care. The courses use the most effective teaching pedagogies. The program follows the point grading system and adopts the continuous evaluation approach. The program takes advantage of the vast experience, expertise, self-confidence and reputation of the faculty of TAPMI and the faculty from the medical college in Manipal and other reputed institutions.

Unique Features

Program run by TAPMI – one of the top 20 management institutes in the country.
The program is supported by Manipal University and Kasturba Medical College known for their expertise in the medical field.
Institute located in Manipal, the most reputed international Medical University township
Expert faculty from both medical and management areas.
2 month internship in hospitals and health care systems in India and abroad after first year.
Placement support to participants in hospitals and health care systems in India and abroad.
Eligibility for Admission

This program is aimed at the following type of participants, with or without work experience. The participants should be graduates with at least 50% marks at graduation level and in particular:

Doctors with MBBS and BDS degrees.
Graduates with veterinary, ayurveda and pharmacy degrees.
Nursing and allied health graduates.
Engineering graduates from the bio-medical and biotechnology branches.
Any graduate.
If you want more information click http://www.tapmi.edu.in/

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