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Telemarketing is a fairly new career option in the country. However, this does not mean that it is inferior to others. In fact, since GE Capital International established its Gurgaon call center in 1998, India has become to the top choice for Business Process Outsourcing as the country now accounts for almost 50% of the global outsourcing industry. For this reason, more and more telemarketing employees are needed and this career option has become very popular especially among fresh graduates.

Although call centers also engage in Inbound activities where employees receive calls regarding products and services, telemarketing activities are done through Outbound calls made by employees with the goal of generating sales. While some call centers focus on domestic calls, most of the bigger ones are sub-contracted by international companies therefore requiring calls to be made to countries all around the world, primarily to America and European countries.

Because telemarketing jobs are mostly open to anyone who would be willing to undergo training, this career option has become especially popular because of the benefits and remuneration rates involved. Even with minimum qualifications, people can engage in telemarketing activities and enjoy its wide range of benefits.

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