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Centre for Management Studies


Centre for Management Studies

The Centre for management Studies (CMS), Dibrugarh University is one of the reputed academic centres established by Dibrugarh University. The Centre is the easternmost management institute of India located within the campus of India’s easternmost University, Dibrugarh University. It came into existence with a formal notification issued on November 25, 2002. The notification additionally declared the constitution of a Board of Management (BoM) where the Vice Chancellor, Dibrugarh University, was made the Chairperson. The classes in this Centre started officially from February 3, 2003 which is celebrated as the Foundation day of the Centre. Prof. Ajanta B. Rajkonwar has been presiding over the Centre as the Chairperson since 20th November 2014.

Address: Dibrugarh University, Dibrugarh, Assam 786004
Phone: 0373 237 0239

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