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The founding fathers of Kokrajhar Govt. College had the vision of providing sustainable development to the society through education. They knew that for a backward society like the Bodos, education should receive priority to circumvent the state of great social disability. They realized that education would empower the poor people, thereby enhancing the local human resources. Education empowers and enlightens the weak section of the society. To participate in a democratic polity people need education and maturity; the pioneering leaders rightly thought that without access to higher education the region would remain as a backward place for ever and would be vulnerable to exploitation and other social abuses by the dominant section of the society.
Since its establishment, Kokrajhar Govt. College (then Kokrajhar College) has catered to the urgent need of the people of this area. The college has always laid emphasis on value based and job orientated education, although it has got little scope to alter course materials and the teaching method. The college started with arts faculty with a few subjects namely English, Assamese, Bengali, History, Political Science and Economics. In the course of time it has grown in size and strength and has attained the present status of being one of the important colleges in the state. At present the college offers higher secondary and graduate courses in arts and science. With the introduction of some more subjects like Education, Bodo MIL, Elective Bodo, Elective Assamese, Alternative English, Philosophy, Statistics and Geography, the arts faculty now offers major almost in all the important subjects of arts. In arts faculty major course is offered in English, Bodo, Assamese, History, Economics, Education, Political Science and Geography. Recently major courses were introduced in five additional subjects viz., Hindi, Bengali, Computer Science, Philosophy and Statistics.

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Kokrajhar Govt. College
Kokrajhar, BTC, Assam, India-783370.
Mobile: +919435483329
Fax No- +91-361-2540715
Email: principalkokgc@gmail.com

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