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Margherita College


Margherita College

In the year 1978, a handful of illustrious and saintly people pondered over an impeccable matter to disseminate higher education in Margherita and its surroundings and thus came into existence today’s Margherita College. The college has been attempting continuously to keep track of the changing scenario of the development in this highly globalized world. The dedicated and committed faculty members of the College have dreamt the vision to build Margherita College up into a Centre of Excellence, emitting light and energies in this entire tribal dominated backward locality. Its mission is to empower the generation with total devotion, dedication and discipline as the basic theme of the entire education strategy.

The whole trajectory of change that is taking place around us is difficult to understand and define. But the academicians of Margherita college have been trying to perceive with their sincere efforts to pace up with it. trajectory of changes. The mission of the College is to carrying the college into such a limelight so that it will be considered as a centre of excellence by the academic standards.

Address: Road2, Margherita, Assam 786181

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